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Inner Earth Healing. Natasha Clarke

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Inner Earth Healing is focused on restoring the inner and outer balance of our lives, from chronic health issues to integral living and maintaining healthy boundaries. As a practicing herbalist  I have success in resolving various health crisis such as auto immune, leaky gut, chronic disease and emotional despondency that so often expresses itself in addiction and depression, as well as general family health and well being. I collaborate with you in how to reach your point of balance through consultations online and in person. I have been a Practicing Herbalist for the past 8 years. I help you find out what herbs and supplements will work to address your health goals. Common complaints ranging from illness and physical discomfort to deep seated emotional trauma. Appointments last about an 90 minutes and cost $45-$75 sliding scale. Find out more about my training and what to expect when you schedule an appointment


Circle of Healing, Michelle Mahler

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Michelle Mahler is an Aromatherapist, Magical Fairy Alchemist, and Proprietor of Circle of Healing Organic Essential Oil Remedies. She creates healing remedies with only pure, organic essential oils, which work on all levels of your being- mental, spiritual, emotional, physical & the energy field surrounding us. She has been a professional Aromatherapist for ten years and has taught countless classes and attended as many fairs as a speaker with nothing but positive feedback and enthusiasm for every one.

She intuitively chooses which oils are energetically suited to your present health, emotional and mental state and what immediate healing benefits are desired.

Her proprietary blends provide instant relief from symptoms you are experiencing & long-term health benefits of healing, preventing and reversing dis-eases in the body and energetic field. They do this gently, safely and effectively without toxic side-effects.

Aromatherapy fits into the lifestyles of those who want to avoid drugs, possess vitality and build up their natural immunities.

Plant medicines have been used in all areas of the globe since the beginning of time. They are very affordable, have no side effects when used properly, bring balance and inspiration by inhaling in a spray or pure oil, relieve pain in minutes with topical application of therapy massage oil, and help skin problems, fever and respiratory issues by soaking in a healing bath with a few drops of pure essential oil blends.

These essential oil blends will help you maintain a clean & balanced energy field, may relieve pain & breathing issues, headaches/migraines, insomnia, prepare for & find love, aid in grief process, PTSD, life changes and open & elevate spiritual awareness.

Michelle participates in speaking to new groups each season, all over Washington and Oregon, facilitating hands-on Essential oil remedy workshops and Herbal gatherings for all ages, contact her to schedule your group of 5-50 people at your location.

Have a personal consultation to assist you on your path to fulfilling your vitality, health & soul-purpose with Michelle’s energetic aroma-therapies. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Call or text 425 210 2532 to schedule a consultation or pick up products in person




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